Aldecy Bastos or usually called as Careca, is the Head Chef of Tucano’s, the standout culinary attraction of Brazillian Grill at the heart of Jakarta. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Aldecy brings exciting and rich dining experience of the Brazillian tradition of grilling, or CHURRASCO (shoe-HAS-ko).

Graduated from SENAC Brazil, Aldecy manages a large kitchen staff and can prepare a variety of dishes from Brazil, Japan and China. He also responsible for hiring and training all the kitchen staff and grill chefs. With a strong passion for his job, Aldecy put importance of working closely with his staff in ordered to provide the best high quality dishes and the festive experience for the customer. He followed his passion in cooking, graduated from SENAC Brazil. Before joining Tucano’s Jakarta, Aldecy started to work in his hometown for 5 years and then spent 14 years in Japan preparing all types of Brazillian food, which further honed his interests and skills and spreading the heritage of Brazillian cooking. Tucano’s Jakarta marked his first time to work in Indonesia.

Brazillian food is big on meat and churrasco is best when enjoyed with friends, family and lover. Bringing his philosophy of flavoured homemade food, at Tucano’s Jakarta, Aldecy serves tastefully seasoned and cooked meat skewers over open-flame grills. Apart of the churrasco, his recommendation is Moqueca, which is a Brazilian recipe based on salt water fish stew, tomatoes, onions, garlic and coriander- slow cooked in terra cotta casserole, and his jackfruit salad. Providing the festive atmosphere in Tucano’s, Chef Aldecy will countinously bring new menu to surprise the customer.